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We're sorry, all our families have been adopted.

But you can still help!

We need donations of non-perishable food items, grocery store gift cards, gift wrap and cash for emergency and other program expenses. 

Non-perishable Food
  1. Canned meats

  2. Peanut butter

  3. Canned vegetables, low salt

  4. Canned fruit in juice or water

  5. Crackers , whole grain best

  6. Dried herbs and spices

  7. Cooking oils: olive or canola

  8. Granola bars

  9. Instant mashed potatoes

  10. Meals in a box

  11. Nuts

  12. Pasta

  13. Rice, brown is best

  14. Soup, stew & chili

  15. Whole grain cereal

Please, no glass jars.

Grocery Store Gift Cards
  • Helps families to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat. 

  • $25, $30, $50 increments.

  • We hope to provide every family with a gift card.

Gift Wrap

Grandfamilies struggle with any extra expense. Donations of gift wrapping supplies will be much appreciated.

  • Wrapping Paper

  • Bows

  • Tape

  • Gift tags

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To make delivery arrangements contact:
Asia Wilkerson, 470-310-3458 or
Delivery address:
4282 Memorial Drive, STE B
Decatur, GA 30032

Make an Adopt-a-Family

cash donation

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