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82 year-old grandmother must move

Since he was eight years-old and his mother died from cancer, Mary* has cared for her grandson with severe autism. He cannot speak or care for himself. For fourteen years she has looked after him. It hasn’t been easy to do on a limited, fixed income. She counted on the free breakfast and lunch her grandson would get at school to ensure that they had enough to eat. The task of caring for her grandson has gotten harder as Mary has gotten older and frailer. Heart disease, a pacemaker, and arthritis requiring a cane and walker have taken its toll. When her grandson turned 22, ISDD's Project GRANDD (Grandparents Raising And Nurturing Dependents with Disabilities) helped her to find him a permanent living situation, where he can be cared for and have the chance to thrive. Now it’s time for Mary to move into a smaller, more accessible apartment. The complication is that she cannot take any of current furnishings with her. She received a donation which she did not know was infested with bed bugs. We have tried to exterminate them, but they have come back. At 82, all the steps required are just too much for her to manage on her own. We need to dispose of her old furniture, get her some new things and help her to move. This is a huge project, so we are asking for your help. We are seeking cash and in-kind donations to help Mary move. Let’s be honest, she hasn’t all that many years left. We want to try to make sure that her last years are good ones - to honor all that she has given to her grandson and all the sacrifices she has made on his behalf. We need both cash and in-kind donations. We need funds to hire movers and a crew to haul away her infested furniture, as well as purchase anything we can't get donated. FURNITURE DONATIONS NEEDED:

  • Queen sized mattress and bed frame

  • Kitchen table and 2 chairs

  • Dresser

  • Couch (fouton or sofa sleeper so grandson can visit)

  • Living room accent chairs

  • End table(s)

  • Night stand(s)

  • Lamps – standing and table

  • TV stand

To donate items contact:

Laura Wells 404-303-5126 or

To make a cash donation visit: CLICK HERE

*Name changed to protect privacy

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