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ISDD Seeks Board Members

Innovative Solutions for Disadvantage & Disability (ISDD) seeks new board members to help the organization sustain and expand its impact.


Founded as a nonprofit in 2004, ISDD creates healthier outcomes for vulnerable children and families. The agency meets this mission by providing medical case management and health services to children in Atlanta homeless shelters and by coordinating case management and support groups for grandparents raising grandchildren with disabilities.


Board members are not directly involved in staffing programs but are very involved in governance, committee participation, and development. The board is in the process of growing, with a plan to increase the board size to 18 over the next three years. This growth is essential to achieve the goal of every homeless child in Atlanta having a primary healthcare provider by 2030.


Board expectations include:

  •  Attending at least 6 of 8 board meetings annually (dial-in option for those not in Atlanta on the day of the meeting)

  •  Participating on a committee

  •  Making a personal annual gift of at least $75, with personal gifts and fundraising efforts generating a total of at least $250 in 2018 and at least $500 in 2019

  • Board members serve three year terms and are actively involved in organizational governance and resource development. 


The board needs a variety of skills, including marketing, finance, information technology, human resources, fundraising, project management, experience in nonprofit governance, and Influencers - people who are willing to ask their networks for support.


Interested board candidates can complete the online application.


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