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February 14, 2019



It was an ordinary Thursday afternoon around 4:15 pm when Innovative Solutions for Disadvantage & Disability's (ISDD) Executive Director, Rainie Jueschke, noticed a faint electrical burning odor. Finding no source in the office, she investigated outside. Finding nothing immediately ammis, she rounded the corner of ISDD's building and was shocked to discover fire trucks and smoke coming from the second floor of the adjoining building. No alarm or sirens had been heard to give warning. Moments later staff, still in a state of unbelief, were instructed to vacate our offices. 

Within 30 minutes the fire had spread to ISDD's building by the connected roof. Staff could only watch helplessly. The blaze was so massive and intense it showed up on Doppler Radar as reported by WSB News.  Part of Memorial drive was closed to traffic and three ladder companies responded as reported by Channel 2 Action News. ISDD staff on site stayed to the bitter end to find out what was left. Though it seemed hopeful that the power stayed on in our suite throughout the ordeal, we soon learned that smoke and water had damaged everything we had. Almost nothing could be saved. 

We are in the process of signing a lease on new space, but we have nothing to put in it. We were fortunate to have received extremely nice furniture and equipment donations from businesses which were relocating and had things which they no longer needed. We hope that we will be fortunate in this way again.


Please help us spread the word of our loss and the need to completely furnish our new office space. We need EVERYTHING - furniture, office equipment and supplies. We also need cash donations to help with the relocation costs. 

Please donate if you can and share our story with others so that we can rebuild as quickly as possible. Thank you for your help!

PARTIAL LIST OF NEEDED ITEMS                                                                     
  • Cubical workstations (2)

  • Executive/conference desk/L-shaped workstations (2)

  • Task chairs (5)

  • Office guest chairs (4)

  • Book shelves (4)

  • Set of reception area chairs (4)

  • Trash cans - (6 small, 1 kitchen-sized)

  • Framed wall art

  • Laptop computers (2)

  • Desk top computers (5), wireless key boards & mice

  • 24” Flat screen computer monitors (5)

  • Surge protector power stripes (8)

  • Paper shredder, heavy duty

  • File cabinets, 4 drawer/locking/letter sized (7)

  • Full sized refrigerator

  • Coffee maker

  • Office supplies - all kinds

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